TH “METELICA” Ltd. offers you a long-term cooperation, proved by more than 10 years of sustainable work on the Russian market and the partnership with world-famous companies

Thanks to handling terminals, we carry out the deliveries to loading ports by trucks and cistern wagons. We ship sugar beet molasses for all year round and in short terms. Today TH “METELICA” Ltd. works in the terminals of Black Sea in Taman and also in the draft restricted ports of Yeisk and Rostov-on-Don, which gives us an opportunity to deliver molasses anywhere in the world. The amount of exported production corresponds to 180.000 – 200 000 tons per year. The minimum size of shipment is 2150 mt.

The quality of molasses depends on several factors such as maturity of the plant, the origin, the climate or soil type as well as the composition of the process followed for its production. In general our company guarantees the following quality specification of sugar beet molasses:


Parameters Characteristics Method
Appearance Structure of the viscous Visual
Color Dark brown Visual
Odor It’s unique odor Sensory


GOST R 30561-2013

Parameters Characteristics
Brix min. 75,0
pH min. 6,5 – max. 8,5
Density 1,3 – 1,4
Nitrite to be negative
Sucrose min. 44%
Invert sugar min. 1,0%
Fermented sugar 46,00%
CaO max. 1,5%


Parameters Characteristics Method
Brix min. 78,0 with Brix Refraktometre at 20° C, ICUMSA Methods Book 2005, GS4-13
pH min. 6,5 – max 8 with pH metre
Density min. 1200
Nitrite to be negative
Sucrose min. 48,0% Lane – Eynon method-ICUMSA GS4-3-7
Total sugar as invert min. 50,0% Lane – Eynon method-ICUMSA GS4-3-7
Non-fermented sugar 1,5 – 1,8%
Cao min. 0,15 – max. 0,7%
Ash 4-10%
SO2 max. 0,007%

Molasses is used in the baker’s yeast production, in the fermentation technology for ethanol, citric, lactic and gluconic acids production, as well as glycerol, butanol and acetone production, as an ingredient of mixed feeds or in the production of amino acids.

We know that ethanol manufactures use beet molasses with high nitrous substances content that influence positively the process of fermentation whereas yeast producers are mostly concerned about sugar and total solids content. Beet molasses contains more protein and raffinose. Molasses preserves its basic properties even during a long-term storage.

Thanks to the efficient logistics organization, TH “METELICA”Ltd. delivers more than 40% of sugar beet molasses from Russian sugar factories.

TH “METELICA” Ltd. delivers sugar beet molasses from the territories where sugar beet are traditionally cultivated. The highly – trained staff who knows everything about sugar beet cultivation work there. Due to the favorable soil and environmental conditions we have a chance to make long –term plans for development of sugar beet molasses sector in the Black Earth Region (Russia). By acting as a reliable business partner, we are working hard to bring better values and solutions into our customers’ lives.

In addition to the sugar beet molasses, our company can offer sugar beet pulp pellets, which is used as high-quality food additive for animals. This is another recognized, biologically valuable product of sugar production. We are sure,that ethanol, yeast and animal feeding stuff manufacturers will appreciate the advantages of partnership with TH “METELICA” Ltd. and become our loyal customers.

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