About company

TH “METELICA” Ltd. was founded in February, 2002. Since its foundation and until now the prevailing activity of the company has been the wholesale trade of sugar beet molasses.

TH “METELICA” Ltd. is one of a leading suppliers and exporters of sugar beet molasses on the Russian market. Our close partnership with sugar factories helps us to dispatch the product that meets all customers’ requirements for using in animal feed, fermentation and industrial sectors.


2002 – Establishment of the company.

The shipments were “on-wheels” based by inland transportation, mainly by railway.

2003 – Increasing an authorized capital to minimize credit risks and raise the status of the company.

2004 – 2005 – Export deliveries to CIS countries and mainly by railway.

2006 – 2007 – Ownership of enough transportation resources to deliver molasses in bulk. Moreover, the company started selling beet pulp.

2007 – 220 000 mt of sugar beet molasses were delivered and 30 export contracts were executed.

2008 – Beet molasses export reached 45 % of the total profit of the company.

2009 – Delivery of beet molasses to European countries from Yeisk Sea port by tankers with cargo capacity of 1500-5000 mt.

2010 – Molasses transshipment in “Sea terminal Taman” LLC. Besides, a few shipments were made from port of Nikolaev in Ukraine.

Within 2011 – 2012 molasses campaign 180 000 mt of molasses were shipped and 160 000 mt were delivered by railway.

2013 – In addition to shipments from Taman and Yeisk ports TH “METELICA” Ltd. started making deliveries from Rostov-on-Don port.

2014 – TH “METELICA” Ltd. has been entrenching its position on the market, increasing the shipment volumes, exploring new markets and conquering new molasses consumers.

2015 – 2016 Development of partnership with Egyptian sugar refineries, as well as relationship with English, Greek, Spanish, Italian partners.

2015 – 2016 year campaign – 135 000 mt were exported from ports Yeisk and Taman.


Today after signing contracts we are ready to deliver sugar beet molasses CIF Black Sea, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, etc. and ex-works.

The company guarantees full execution of the contracts and delivery of the raw material of exceptionally good quality for alcohol, yeast, amino acids and other production.

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